Ask The Doc! Types Of Breast Cancer And The Flu Season

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This week, the doctors discuss the different types of breast cancer. They also touch on a question from a viewer regarding the treatment of their husband’s heart tumors. Is he getting the right treatment? What happened to Flu Season? What’s the latest on Covid-19? All this and more on Ask The Doc!


Ask The Doc: Long Term Effects of Surviving Cancer

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This week, Dr. Whaley and Dr. Raymond Tidman discuss some questions sent in by viewers. They touch on the long term effects of Cancer and some possible complications of surviving cancer. They also discuss how to know when you’re cured of cancer. Is there anyway to prevent future complications for cancer survivors? The doctors also discuss the current numbers of cancer survivors compared to in the past.


Ask The Doc! Gastric Bypass Complications And Sarcomas

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This morning, the Doctors discuss Gastric Bypass Surgery and its complications. When is this surgery needed? What are its complications? They also answer a question regarding a Sarcoma. Dr. Whaley discusses why you shouldn’t google medical information. They also discuss the latest vaccine news. Who should be receiving the vaccine?


Stephens County Schools Extends Winter Break through January 8

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high school named AP Honor School

Winter Break will be extended through January 8th. SCSS will reevaluate conditions at that time. For more details and information, please visit the SCSS website for the official press release.

Per the Superintendent:

At this time after consulting with the school principals and DPH staff we think it would be best to extend the winter break for students through Friday, Jan 8th. Staff would report to work to plan and prepare for the coming weeks. Friday we will reassess to see if we can go forward with our current in-class/virtual plan. If conditions do not improve then we would have the parents pick up materials if needed on Jan. 8th for virtual/distance learning for the following week. Parents please continue to contact your school and provide them with information about positive cases and exposures. This will help us to have information to guide us moving forward. Our district wide virtual/distance learning plan will be a week at a time. Once conditions improve we would go back to our original in-class/virtual learning plan. If we do need to move forward with more virtual school after the end of this week each individual school will roll out their own directions and plans for virtual learning.  If you have further concerns or questions please contact your school’s principal.


Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


Daniel Oldham


Toccoa-Stephens County Public Library Announces Temporary Closure

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Due to staff exposure to Covid, the Library will be closed this week. We hope to reopen on December 28th. Please remember that we have Wifi available 24/7 in our parking lot. Also, overdue fines will not accrue while the Library is closed. Remember that we love you all and appreciate you! Please enjoy time with family and have a Merry Christmas!

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